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Just in time!!!

Whew... LJ blog saved. Haven't been posting here in ages, but, I'm not prepared to lose all these memories just yet. Will try to post here again from time to time.
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Movie poster

Though unofficial, this movie promo pic is sooo cute.  LDW and Eugene make a cute couple (though I'm still biased towards LDH, hehe), and LDW look so cute here even though he's not smiling.

credit naver, soompi LDW thread
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malou aka sheryl cruz


Ever since I've officially started my life as a bum, I have to say that I'm still learning a few new things everyday.  I was watching C/S Chronicles on the Crime/Suspense channel, which was then featuring a documentary  on the (in)famous Boston Strangler.  In the said documentary, I found out that in the US, there is no statute of limitations on the crime of murder.  So, even a murder which took place more than 40 years ago can still be reopened and investigated.  Very interesting.

Yesterday, I met up with some of my non-law friends and went to the taping of Boy & Kris to watch and support Mickey.  The said episode was peculiarly entitled "Maggi:  Ang Asim ng Pagsasama" -- weird title, huh?  I'm not quite sure why they chose that title but judging from the episode, it was about how couples and couples "kuno" (hehe) related to each other and how they kept the "asim" or interest in the relationship, so to speak.  The first couple to be interviewed were Aubrey Miles (vava-voom!) and Troy Montero (hunk alert).  They've been together for around four years and they seem very much in love, especially Aubrey.  She wore a tight-fitting blouse and fire engine red pants and really high heels but for some reason, she didn't come across to me  a bimbo (hehe).  Next guests were Mickey and Gee Ann.  It was funny how Boy and Kris alternately "interrogated" Mickey about the true nature of his feelings for Gee Ann -- if it was more than mere friendship -- and each time, it was funny how Mickey kept on denying and insisting that they are really just close friends.  In fact, Boy & Kris even failed to make Mickey do the "kunyari nanliligaw ka, ano ang sasabihin mo?" stint, as he adamantly refused.  Mickey talaga, he can be hard-headed sometimes.  After the show, my friends (Joy and Che) and I decided to leave, but we met up with Mickey a brief while to say our goodbyes.

After Boy & Kris, I took a cab to SM Megamall to meet up with Eman.  He was going to treat me to a sumptuous Spanish dinner at the Terry Selection in The Podium.  We ordered a LOT hehe -- it would have been nice if I remembered the exact names of the dishes since they sounded so nice and sophisticated and SPANISH (hehehe) .  We had a big platter of different cold cuts alongside a plate of bread, and it was such a refreshing treat to my palate, since I don't usually eat Spanish food.  It was kind of educational too, since Eman is such a food expert (or so he claims, hehehe -- just kidding dear).  We also had this really big omelette with lots of potatoes and pamplona chorizo -- it was so filling, we managed to finish only half of it.  We had Spanish garlic soup (the Spanish name sounded much better) and a really big sandwich called Don Quixote (hamon serrano with olive oil, cheese and tomatoes) and some potato chips and dip on the side.  Ang sarap, grabe.  I never thought I'd enjoy Spanish food that much, since I'm not that into European cuisine.  Plus the resto was so nice and cozy, plus it had its very own deli shop.  The food wasn't cheap, that's for sure, but I think all in all it was worth it.  Next time Eman and I go there, we'll try the paella.

I'm really kinda new into being a bum -- I can't even count summer vacation as time for bumming around since I was working during vacation, and at the back of my mind I knew that another semester was up ahead.  Now, it's all over.  School is over.  The next chapter of my life is about to begin.
malou aka sheryl cruz

It is done

After four nerve-wracking weeks of studying, crying, praying, thinking -- name it, it is done.  It is over.  My bar exam is OVER, finally.

What are my plans for the weeks to come?

  • Go to the parish of Our Lady of Manaoag.
  • Go malling.
  • Go to Mall of Asia, Serendra and TriNoma.
  • Videoke with friends.
  • Jog! Or go to the gym.
  • Get a REALLY good body massage.
  • Eat lots of yummy food!!!  Especially Korean and Spanish.
  • Draft my resume and apply in law firms.
  • Get a haircut and a facial and a pedicure.
  • Watch a movie.
Many more to come.  Hehehe.

A new movie at last!!!

At long last... news about Lee Dong Wook's new movie, That Man Book 198 Pieces/그 남자의 책 198쪽, which will start filming on 23 September.  This movie is adapted from a screenplay which won 2003 Lee Sang Literature Prize. 

Promo pics~

^ At last he got a haircut!!!

Lee Dong Wook plays the character Jun Oh, a chef who works in Japan, while Kim Eugene is On Su, a librarian.  The movie is a melodrama, and will be released on March or April of next year. 

I can't wait for filming to start!!!

credit article and photos to naver,, soompi
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Reviving my K-pop obsession

It's been a while since I've posted anything Hanguk-related, and after skimming through loads of pages in Soompi which I have to backread more slowly after the bar, I realised how much I miss the feeling.  It's so refreshing to see the faces of Lee Da Hae, Lee Dong Wook, Rain, jang Hyuk and the rest of the Hallyu stars.  There are a lot of new projects to look forward to!

>> LDW has a new movie!!!  It's a melodrama wherein he is reportedly the male lead, with Kim Yoo Jin (Eugene) as the female lead.  I can't wait for news about it to come out.

>> Seems like a lot of Korean celebrities are coming out with confessions about their true academic credentials.  Some people lie about their age, their height and their chest size... but in Korea, stars have this peculiar habit of falsifiying their academic achievements.  After a series of scandals and revelations on some former Korean stars who became respected professors in film and theater arts (turns out that they are not qualified to teach), now other Korean stars are admitting to the same thing so as to avoid future scandal.  Can you believe it, Daniel Henney never went to the University of Illinois!  And all this time, people thought he played varsity basketball there, and he even claimed before that he suffered from racial discrimination by his coach.  Even Son Ye Jin admitted that the never attended the Seoul Institute of Arts.

At the same time, they publicly apologised for the "errors" and for not crorecting them promptly.  To me, these are not mere "errors" -- these misrepresentations were deliberately made with intent to deceive the public.  Damn.

>> It's the annual Korean Film Festival next week at the UP Film Center!  Mitch, Anna and me are gonna watch.  Fun fun fun!!!

>> I'm looking forward to the new drama starring Kim Rae Won and Nam Sang Mi -- the drama is tentatively called The Trencherman.   NSM will play the role Jin Soo (진수) who is a contracted journalist in a news agency and dreams to become the best columnist on food and nutrition. Jin Soo has bright and vivid personality. She came across the main male character Sung Chan (성찬, played by Kim Rae Won) in various occasions and then falls in love with him.


The verdict is in (plus other side matters)

The much-anticipated promulgation of the judgment on former President Estrada's plunder case was almost undramatic and anti-climactic -- after all the preparations and media mileage, the promulgation lasted less than 10 minutes.  Hehehe.  Only the dispositive porstions of the decisions were read by the clerk of court.  The verdict:

Perjury charge >> acquitted.
Plunder charge >> convicted, found guilty beyond reasonable doubt. 
The sentence >> reclusion perpetua imposed in its maximum period, or 40 years.  Most of his properties (funds under the Jose Velarde account, Boracay mansion to name a few) are forfeited in favor of the Government.

The full text of the decision on the plunder case can be read HERE

Expect either a motion for reconsideration or an appeal to the Supreme Court, as the case may be.  In the meantime, Estrada will again be detained in his Tanay resthouse. --> Ok it's confirmed, Estrada did file a Motion of Reconsideration before the anti-graft court.

So what happens next?  How will this decision affect the present government?  Will it affirm its legitimacy or will it serve as a warning to GMA?

There is already an English version of the movie "The Host" which toppled box-office movie records in South Korea!!!  I wonder how this version will fare.

I came across a very interesting article by Michael Tan on fraternity culture.  Read it HERE

Thought for the week:  The ZTE-Government broadband scam, and the beans spilled by Joey de Venecia III regarding the irregularities which taint the contract.  What is your opinion on this?  Feel free to comment.


Last Sunday's exam was pure EVIL.  As a "bonus,"  Bar Exam Chairman Justice Adolfo Azcuna himself paid our room in Gokongwei Hall a visit.  Just grrrreat.